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ミッシュブルーミン アイラッシュグルーについて

About Mish Bloomin Eyelash Glue

In a personal post on a certain SNS, a video was posted comparing various numerical measurements of eyelash glue, and the posted video states that the formaldehyde value of Misch Bloomin' Eyelash Glue exceeds the standard value. Thank you very much.

When we checked with the manufacturer, we received a report that they regularly test formaldehyde levels to ensure that they do not exceed standard values.
Additionally, according to the Kaken Test Center, it was certified on October 24, 2023 that formaldehyde was not detected (does not exceed the standard value).

We understand that some people may have felt uneasy after a video like this was posted, but please continue to use our site with confidence.

Thank you for your continued support of Mish Bloomin.