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eyelash tweezers

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A tweezer specifically designed for false eyelashes.
These tweezers have a thin, crane-necked tip that firmly catches eyelashes and is extremely easy to apply!
Solve all the troubles when gluing false eyelashes with just one tweezer!

✓The tip is thin and thin so it doesn't obstruct your vision and makes it easy to apply false eyelashes. ✓The amazing catching force that firmly grips false eyelashes allows you to apply them smoothly. ✓Easy to attach even delicate and difficult-to-handle false eyelashes such as lower eyelashes, point eyelashes, and extra-fine eyelashes ✓Does not damage the shape, angle, or hair of false eyelashes ✓ Curved tip prevents contact with eyelids ✓ Tip ends first The curved crane neck fits firmly in the hand and does not put any strain on the hand.

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