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スキンケア | フェイスマスク

Orget pink collagen hydrogel eye patch 32 pieces

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Apply collagen serum! Liven up your eyes in 10 minutes

One bottle of collagen serum is made into a gel. A new type of eye patch that becomes thinner as it penetrates into the skin. Just apply the high-adhesion patch tightly and take care of firmness, dullness, and moisture around your eyes all at once! It leads to bright and lively skin.
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24 ポイント



2 types of collagen + VITA 12 Complex + patented peptide + glitter


1. After washing your face and adjusting your texture with lotion, take out the patch with the included spatula and apply it to the area you want to care for.
2. Wait for about 10 to 20 minutes until the nutrients are fully absorbed.
3. Once the active ingredients have melted into the skin and the patch becomes thinner (20-40 minutes), remove the patch and gently blend the remaining essence onto the skin surface.



Product Details

内容量 XS
商品重量 XS
原産国/製造国 XS
メーカー XS
販売名 オーゲットピンクハイドロアイパッチ
内容量 32 PIECES/45G
商品重量 150 G
原産国/製造国 KOREA

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